Digital Learning Technology: Future Concerns

  1. The access gap.
    Some people may not have the most technologically advanced devices or the latest software versions that can support such activities. The point is to make learning easier and engaging, not to make it more “distant”. Businesses should research what can easily be accessed by the majority of their learners.
  2. The understanding gap.
    Some people may not really know how to use this kind of technology and how to benefit from it. Furthermore, eLearning providers themselves may become overwhelmed by the abundance of options and will need to be open to change. They should select the technology that fits their business and learning goals before offering it to their learners.
  3. The culture gap.
    People coming from different parts of the world learn and interact in different ways. Digital learning providers will have to monitor these patterns and probably adapt their environment per target audience. Social media can be used as ice-breakers and for community building purposes.

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