Education can be offered through a number of instructional modalities

When a college or university offers several learning modalities or courses in more than one modality, students can enroll in the modality that works best for them. Following is a list of common instructional modalities.

On-campus technology-enhanced. In this modality, teaching and learning occur in person, and technology is used to enhance instruction.
Hybrid/blended. This modality blends in-person and online instruction to provide students with the flexibility of on-campus and online learning.
Asynchronous online. In this modality, teaching and learning occur online without any real-time meetings.
Synchronous online. In this modality, teaching and learning occur online in real time.
Bichronous online. This modality blends asynchronous and synchronous online teaching and learning. Students participate in the asynchronous classes at the time and location of their choice, and they participate in the synchronous classes in real time.9
HyFlex. This modality offers the most flexibility. It combines in-person and online students in the same classroom.10 HyFlex learning is similar to hybrid/blended learning, but it allows students to choose their modality based on their needs and daily circumstances.All of these modalities have digital teaching and learning elements, though technology-enhanced on-campus courses have minimal technology integration. The other five modalities rely heavily on digital teaching and learning.

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